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REFRESH + TONE Facial Toner

You never knew you needed facial toner until you try it, run out, forget to restock, then wash your face and realize you're without it.  Putting on moisturizer without toner will feel otherworldly and not in a good way.  If you've never tried face toner, it's probably like you're missing *something* just not sure what.  It's facial toner.  It's light, refreshing, helps tighten and tone skin and lays the groundwork for your moisturizer/serum of choice.  Great to spritz on other areas of the body that like to feel refreshed, too.

Ingredients: *witch hazel, jasmine green tea extract (*jasmine green tea, Belle Isle Moonshine), calendula extract (*calendula, Belle Isle Moonshine), lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil

*=Certified Organic

Directions:  Shake well. Spray directly onto skin avoiding eyes and other sensitive areas. Immediately apply face serum or face moisturizer. Use morning and/or night on clean skin.

4 oz. (120 ml)

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